Arinix® Tip Installation

Some vehicles in certain geographic areas including the Northeast United States may exhibit a condition where the HVAC evaporator drain hose has become obstructed with an insect nest. An insect repellent drain hose tip (ARINIX® Tip) is available to help minimize future occurrences of this environmental condition.

In the event a drain hose is clogged by an insect nest, such as certain species of spiders that are present in our region, water can intrude on the interior of your vehicle. This can result in a repair bill in the range of $4,000+ to remediate mold caused by sitting water.

(ARINIX® Tip) - $30.00 + tax

*Pricing is for 2018 model years and newer.  Toyota models: Rav4, Highlander, Camry and Corolla. Lexus models: RX, ES and NX. Installation of ARINIX® Tip does not guarantee prevention or warrant against insect obstruction. It is a preventative measure that has shown to be effective in testing.

Affected Evaporator Drain Hose